Friday December 6 2013
Balotelli: 'If she is my daughter...'

Mario Balotelli revealed why he hasn’t met the girl who could be his daughter. “Children mustn’t be disappointed by adults who then disappear.”

On Thursday a court case opened in Brescia, as model and ex-Big Brother contestant Raffaella Fico claims her former boyfriend Balotelli is the father of her child, Pia.

Although she was born in December 2012, the Milan striker has still not met the baby, nor has a DNA test been performed.

“For a whole year I have tried to reach an agreement with Fico over where, and how, to do this DNA test,” Balotelli told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I cannot turn up if I am not certain of being her father, because children mustn’t be disappointed by adults who then disappear. I know something about that.”

Mario was the child of Ghanaian immigrants in Sicily, placed in foster care at the age of two and from then on been raised by his adoptive family in Brescia.

“Fico refused to even agree on how to perform the DNA test, then in April the legal action started and it all ground to a halt. I always said that once it is proved the girl is my daughter, then I will do my full duty towards her.

“Replying in public to Fico’s accusations would do me no good and above all be damaging to the baby.”

The pair had already split up acrimoniously in Manchester when the pregnancy was discovered, but Balotelli claims she told the papers about it before informing him. She has since appeared on numerous cover stories with her daughter.

“She called me during Euro 2012, but the strange thing is that a few days earlier I had heard from mutual friends that she had already given an interview revealing this scoop. It was already being printed when I received that phone call...

“Would I be worried if Pia were my daughter? No, I am only worried if a child ends up in the papers and magazines because I know how difficult it is to live under the spotlight.

“I intend to do whatever the tribunal in Brescia decides is right, but I hope they won’t just ask me to pay Fico, because I’d like to also be a father and be sure nobody damages the baby with their desire for notoriety.

“I know that I am privileged and anyone who thinks I am big-headed doesn’t know me very well. I just ask for some time to sort things out for myself. Clarity on Pia would also help me in that way.”

The World Cup draw is this afternoon and Balotelli was asked about his hopes for 2014.

“Many wonderful things. I am coming out of a difficult moment, but I can see the hard work is starting to pay off. I count on returning to the player I was at the start of the year and to do my part for Milan.

“The World Cup is another story. I always have special sensations when playing for the Nazionale and in Brazil I want to be in top shape. If all goes as planned, then nothing is beyond our reach.”