Wednesday December 11 2013
Cambiasso ahead of Napoli-Inter

Esteban Cambiasso doesn’t think Napoli’s Champions League commitments will help Inter in their clash at the weekend.

The Azzurri will host Walter Mazzarri’s side, but they will firstly be playing for their European Cup future in a crucial tie against Arsenal tonight.

“I don't think the fact Napoli have a big game to play on Wednesday gives us an advantage,” the midfielder noted.

“I won the treble not so long ago and I don't think playing midweek puts you at a disadvantage, otherwise I'd never have lasted 10 years at Inter.”

Inter are fourth in the table, but they have missed chances to overtake Napoli in the standings after three successive draws.

“We haven't fallen that far behind because the other teams haven't done brilliantly either,” the ex-Real Madrid man added.

“We need to get going again because draws count for very little.

“At the moment we're trying to sort out what hasn't been working recently. We could have made up some points last weekend but we didn't manage it.

“Now we have to face Napoli, an excellent team, but I couldn't say if it's better or worse to be playing a big team at the moment.

“It's easier to analyse things like that after the game – you can come up with all sorts of conjecture before.”

Inter are four points shy of third-placed Napoli.

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