Thursday December 19 2013
Galliani: Milan future is youth

Milan Vice-President Adriano Galliani has underlined that the club can’t afford to ignore their youth system.

With the outfit no longer in the financial position to buy the best players on the planet, Galliani is well aware of the importance of forming stars of tomorrow.

“The club wants to develop the youth sector and it also wants to do it away from the pitch,” the CEO commented.

“Every team has a mentor, while their school progress is also monitored. We assure you Milan is always looking to strengthen the youth sector and we’re satisfied with the progress.

“We want the youth sector to be what it was when President Silvio Berlusconi first arrived,” added Galliani.

“It has to be like the one in 1986 with Alessandro Costacurta, Filippo Galli, Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi, that, along with Mauro Tassotti, won three European Cups together.

“We strengthened the side but there were already players ready from the youth sector.

“We’ve got two top players in Mattia De Sciglio and Alessandro Matri that come from our youth sector. They’ve made it to the top.

“Alessandro made his debut at Piacenza, he’s been around a few clubs in Italy and he’s back. Mattia is the model player for the club and the Coach. He cost Milan just €1,000.

“Unfortunately some clubs abroad have greater economic resources at their disposal, which is why we must continue to strengthen our youth sector. This is the club’s mission.

“We need to bring players right up until the first team, that is the youth sector I want.”