Saturday December 28 2013
Lazio to sue Petkovic

Edy Reja wants Paolo Cannavaro when he takes over at Lazio, as lawyers discuss the attempt to sack Vladimir Petkovic for good cause.

Petkovic signed a contract to lead Switzerland after the 2014 World Cup, but the Biancocelesti want to fire him now.

The Coach will claim unfair dismissal, while Lazio’s lawyers maintain he lied to the club about his negotiations with the Swiss Federation.

On top of sacking Petkovic, President Claudio Lotito also wants to sue the tactician for €1m in damages.

Lawyer specialised in sporting situations Cesare Di Cintio spoke to lalaziosiamonoi about the legal battle that could well ensue.

“This could be an attempt to force Petkovic into accepting a contract termination, but either way Lazio are taking an aggressive line and want to fire Petkovic for good cause. It’s not easy to prove and in this case the onus is on Lazio to provide the proof he was in breach of contract.

“At this moment it’s a legal arm-wrestling contest, but it could well lead to court action. Petkovic’s contract with Lazio expires in June 2014, so there was nothing preventing him from signing with Switzerland.

“The real problem would be if Petkovic held negotiations with the Swiss Federation without Lazio’s knowledge. It could in theory be seen as a breach of contract or even of unsporting conduct by breaching the rapport of trust between club and Coach.

“It would all depend on Lazio proving these negotiations damaged the professional rapport between club and Petkovic.”

Meanwhile, today President Lotito is expected to announce Reja’s appointment to the Lazio bench to replace Petkovic when training resumes on December 30.

There are already strong reports Reja is planning the January transfer strategy, including the arrival of Napoli defender Cannavaro.

He already worked with Reja in his time as Coach of Napoli, but Cannavaro is eager for a transfer after failing to break into Rafa Benitez’s team this season.