Monday December 30 2013
Reja leads Lazio training

Edy Reja held his first Lazio training session today, as Vladimir Petkovic “has five days to respond” to legal action.

Although the Biancocelesti have not officially announced any deal with Reja, nor the dismissal of Petkovic after he signed to take over the Swiss national team from July 2014, today the squad was back at the Formello training ground under Reja’s orders.

Training resumed after the Christmas break and ahead of the January 6 encounter with Inter, which is set to be Reja’s debut.

The reason for the delay in any official announcement is due to the legal battle between Lazio and Petkovic.

“Lazio have taken legal action to contest Petkovic and we await his response before evaluating alternative solutions,” club lawyer Gian Michele Gentile told

“The letter is a disciplinary action because he denied a fact that had occurred, namely signing a contract with the Swiss Federation.

“For the moment there is nothing defined. There is no chance he will be at the Formello training ground. None.

“He has been given five days to respond to this letter, so at this point we’ll discuss it again after January 6...”

It’s therefore possible Reja could take charge of Lazio’s big game against Inter without technically being the Coach.

In the meantime, the 63-year-old is to all intents and purposes acting Coach, as he led today’s training session with Primavera youth team tactician Alberto Bollini as his assistant manager.

It is a return for Reja, who was Petkovic’s predecessor on the Lazio bench and left in June 2012.

The rapport was not always a comfortable one, as Reja had offered his resignation several times during a brief tenure from February 2010 to June 2012, though Lotito always rejected it.