Tuesday December 31 2013
Reja is unofficial Lazio Coach

Edy Reja is training with Lazio and declared “we must understand we are a strong team,” but has not officially replaced Vladimir Petkovic.

In a curious situation, the Biancocelesti have released photographs on their official Facebook page of Reja leading yesterday’s training session, but have not mentioned his name, nor made any statement about why Petkovic is not present.

The club lawyer confirmed Petkovic has “five days to respond” to a legal letter contesting he lied about signing with the Swiss Federation.

Lazio hope to prove that ‘deception’ was a breach of contract, so they can fire Petkovic without having to pay compensation or the remaining six months of his wages.

The ideal solution would be for Petkovic to resign, but so far that has not happened.

Meanwhile, Reja is the unofficial Coach, leads another training session today and slept at the Formello training ground last night.

“We must understand that we are a strong team who deserve a better position in the table,” he told La Repubblica newspaper.

It’s not clear how long the situation will be dragged out for, but Lazio play Inter on January 6.