Thursday January 2 2014
Lazio urged to 'sack Petkovic'

The Coaches Association has urged Lazio to fire Vladimir Petkovic and end the bizarre stand-off with Edy Reja.

Although Reja has been leading training since December 30, there is no formal contract, nor mention of him as their Coach, because there is still a legal battle going on with Petkovic.

The future Switzerland manager assured he broke no rules in signing for the Swiss Federation from July, so he has not breached his club contract.

“Although you never know with Claudio Lotito, the procedure should see a Coach receive written confirmation he has been fired. So far, Lazio haven’t done that,” President of the Coaches Association Renzo Ulivieri told Radio Radio.

“This is why Petkovic, quite rightly, insists he still feels like the Lazio Coach. He is practically fired anyway, as Reja is already training the team, so the only thing missing is the paperwork.”

Lazio hope to either force Petkovic into resigning or prove he was in breach of contract by at first denying he’d signed for Switzerland, thereby saving the remaining six months’ worth of wages.

“Petkovic respected the rules of the rapport between Coach and club,” continued Ulivieri.

“As far as I can see, Petkovic is right. At the same time, Reja is confident of the situation. In order to register Reja, Lazio need to file the paperwork confirming Petkovic has been fired. That is where his certainty lies.

“Lazio have to complete this paperwork before Monday, otherwise Reja cannot sit on the bench against Inter.”

Meanwhile, today Reja tested the 4-2-3-1 system in training with Antonio Candreva, Hernanes and Senad Lulic supporting Miroslav Klose.

Eddy Onazi and Cristian Ledesma took the midfield roles, with Vinicius, Lorik Cana, Giuseppe Biava and Abdoullay Konko in defence.

Stefan Radu has a muscular problem, but could potentially recover in time for Monday night’s big game.