Sunday January 5 2014
De Sanctis: 'System makes Juve strong'

Roma goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis complained “the Italian football system makes Juventus clearly stronger than the rest.”

The shot-stopper spoke to Sky Sport Italia after a 3-0 defeat in Turin left them eight points adrift of the Serie A leaders.

“In the first half Roma played very well, but it’s a shame we conceded on the first dangerous situation. In the second half we were a bit chaotic and not sharp enough on set plays, which along with the red cards created an exaggerated result.

“We weren’t focused or concentrated enough on Leonardo Bonucci’s goal. It’s a shame and a real regret, because conceding straight after the second half made it extremely difficult to get back into the game.”

When asked what Juventus have more than Roma, De Sanctis made comments that are bound to cause controversy.

“I already said this week that the Italian football system makes Juventus clearly stronger than the rest. In the first half Roma proved they could play on a par with them and you can even lose, but it’s important to put in the performance.

“For the last three years Juve have been playing in a brand new stadium and this is an advantage, without doubt. It is also an advantage they will probably have over the other clubs for another six or seven years.”

The new law on helping clubs to build their own stadiums has been caught up in legal wrangling for many years and so far only Juve have been able to break through the red tape thanks to a deal with the local council.

Roma, Napoli, Cagliari, Palermo and Inter have all tried and failed so far to build their own arenas, while Udinese are restructuring the Stadio Friuli in conjunction with the council. The Juventus Stadium has vastly increased the Bianconeri's revenue.

Antonio Conte accused Roma of “pub talk provocation” before the match for suggesting Juve won with ‘help’ over the years.

“The result is a fact, but I don’t think it’s fair to say if anyone says something about Juventus that it’s pub talk,” snapped De Sanctis.

“Everyone is allowed to say what they want and if only the winners were allowed to talk then it would be meaningless.

“There will certainly be another match against Juventus on May 11. Juve were right about one thing, that at the end of the day it’s the result on the pitch that counts and tonight we didn’t prove ourselves.”