Monday January 6 2014
Fiorentina await Rossi tests

Giuseppe Rossi is undergoing tests on his right knee on Monday morning to ascertain if he has suffered cruciate ligament damage for a third time.

The striker, who twice before has severely injured the joint in his career, was forced off the pitch on Sunday during Fiorentina’s 1-0 win over Livorno.

A heavy challenge from Leandro Rinaudo saw Rossi leave in discomfort and the club admit afterwards of fears that he may have damaged the cruciate ligament once more.

The 26-year-old is currently undergoing tests at Florence’s CTO (Orthopedic Trauma Centre), before the club are expected to release a statement.

Due to Rossi’s previous damage to the joint, early reports are that the player will have to undergo a number of tests and that a diagnosis could take some time to formulate.

On from Andrea Della Valle’s outburst at Rinaudo, sporting director Daniele Prade echoed that fears are of a repeat injury for their No 49.

“We are concerned because Giuseppe is a special kid who lives only for football,” Prade has commented.

“There are fears that the cruciate in his right knee is involved, but we wait for tests to check the extent of the injury.

“And we regret the lack of sportsmanship after the foul that forced him to leave.”