Wednesday January 8 2014
Delio Rossi sues Fiorentina

Delio Rossi is suing Fiorentina for €200,000 after they fired him for slapping forward Adem Ljajic on the bench.

The Coach was sacked on May 2 2012 when Ljajic said something as he came off the pitch following a substitution and Rossi reacted angrily, slapping and attempting to punch the teenage forward.

Rossi insisted Ljajic had insulted him and his family, but the club fired him.

Now it has emerged the tactician – who has since also been sacked by Sampdoria – is suing Fiorentina for damages, claiming unfair dismissal.

He had already suggested he’d take legal action to block the unfair dismissal, but has now added a €200,000 request for damages on top.

“There is no legal battle. I simply asked for the ‘just cause’ ruling to be dismissed. I just asked for what I am owed,” Rossi told TMW.