Thursday January 9 2014
Lazio fans still in Polish prison

There are still three Lazio fans in Polish prisons after the Europa League match on November 28 and they won’t be released until the end of the month.

Around 150 supporters were detained in Warsaw ahead of the game with Legia on November 28, though only a few were formally charged with serious offences.

Most have been released in the last few weeks, but three remain in prison in Warsaw charged with resisting arrest.

Today the judge refused a new appeal to release two of them, as the local authorities wanted €7,200 bail money.

The Polish authorities cannot hold the fans for longer than two months, so they will have to wait until their custody limit is reached on January 28.

This situation has caused a diplomatic incident, as appeals from the Italian Government were ignored.

Lazio lawyers also claimed the fans were made to sign confessions written in Polish without the presence of a translator.