Monday January 13 2014
Second Behrami consultation today

Valon Behrami will today apparently undergo consultation in Barcelona to determine the best course of treatment on his toe injury.

Confusion has so far surrounded the Napoli midfielder’s injury, over its severity and the intended course of action.

Whilst tests last week in Germany ruled out a fracture, ligament damage to the joint was detected and apparently came with the recommendation of surgery.

However, on from the belief that the club are keen to avoid a guaranteed two-month lay-off any procedure would likely bring, they have sent Behrami out for a second opinion.

It is understood that the Swiss international is going to seek that second opinion in Barcelona today, where he will consult medical specialists at Vilarrubias with the intention of a definitive decision being reached.

Behrami is believed set to miss at least one month of action in recovery, even if it is resolved that he doesn’t go for surgery.