Monday January 13 2014
Behrami told to wait 10 days

Confusion reigns over Valon Behrami’s injury, as Napoli confirmed he needs another consultation in 10 days’ time.

The Swiss international midfielder has been suffering from a recurring toe problem that some media suggest is down to a micro-fracture or ligament damage.

“Valon Behrami, alongside Dr De Nicola, Napoli’s Chief of medical staff, was visited today by Professor Villarubias in Barcelona at the “Clinica Dexeus” medical centre,” read a statement released by Napoli.

“Dr Vittorio Bellotti, the assistant of the Spanish medical centre attended the medical examination too. 

“After several exams,  Dr Villarubias suggested Behrami to undergo ten days’ of specific therapies. Afterwards the Azzurri midfielder will be visited again.”

This means there are still big question marks over what exactly is causing Behrami’s problem, which is preventing him from training regularly.

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