Tuesday January 14 2014
Buffon: Fiorentina motivated us

Gianluigi Buffon says that the manner of defeat to Fiorentina in Week 8 helped kickstart Juventus’ record-breaking 11-game winning run.

The Bianconeri have set a new club record for consecutive wins in Serie A with their 4-1 result at Cagliari on Sunday.

According to their goalkeeper, motivation to go on this run stemmed from the last time they were defeated domestically, 4-2 in Florence back in October.

“Fiorentina was a bit paradoxical, because, if I’m not mistaken, it was only the eighth game of the season - we had six wins, a draw and one defeat,” considered Buffon on Tiki Taka this week.

“To me, the reaction afterwards was a little exaggerated. However, it is also true that we have been doing well since because since that disastrous day, we took the energy and the righteous frustration to be able to put together these victories.

“Perhaps, if we had not lost in such a manner, we would not be talking now about 11 consecutive wins.”

Buffon was asked of the squad and its Coach’s motivation to increase the run further, with Antonio Conte commented recently that to extend it would make it harder to beat for future teams.

“It is true, I think that when you experience such situations, like this positive one, perhaps you do not understand the magnitude of what you are doing, you know, or maybe you will understand in a few years.

“Thus, you lose the flavour and the importance of being able to continue, to still improve this record. Eventually, if there is 80 years between breaking records for victories at Juventus, it is clear that we do not take the next games lightly, in all likelihood we could increase this record.

“Is this the best Juve? This is the Juve, together with the second year under Marcello Lippi, that plays the best football. The team under Capello was the most clinical and probably the one that was stronger for its individuals.”

Juve lead Roma by eight points in the title race and Napoli back in third by 10 points, but Buffon isn’t ruling them out.

“I tell you the truth, I respect them a lot because they both came to Turin and, even though they lost, had played the game head on, proving to have an identity.

“Napoli are playing a European style of football, conscious of their own beliefs and abilities. In the long term this will pay off.

“Roma for 60 minutes and up to 2-0 before the red cards, they were a team that if we did not face up to them with due caution, as we did, I think we would have suffered. We were good to have had patience.”

Antonio Conte was labelled by director general Beppe Marotta yesterday as capable of becoming Juve’s equivalent to Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I believe so, also because I believe that the characteristics of the Coach are those of our club, I think it really is a perfect combination.”