Thursday January 16 2014
‘Seedorf a gamble, but…’

Christian Panucci admits that Milan’s decision to hire Clarence Seedorf as Coach is a gamble, but one he hopes pays off.

The Rossoneri have moved this week to replace Massimiliano Allegri with their former Dutch midfielder on the bench.

“It is a big gamble by the Berlusconi family,” former Rossonero Panucci has commented to Sky Sport 24 this week.

“Seedorf is an intelligent man, he speaks five or six languages, he is determined. Milan now are in great difficulty, it will be difficult, but you can never refuse a team like that.

“ I wish him good luck and hope that things go well. During these coming months it will be an apprenticeship.

“It was a smart move on the part of the Berlusconis. Then, it depends on the market, what makes the difference to be champions is great players.”

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