Thursday January 16 2014
Del Piero: Juve love affair endures

Alessandro Del Piero has spoken of his enduring ‘love affair’ with Juventus, insisting it will remain forever.

The Bianconeri legend left the club in 2012 for Sydney FC, but the veteran striker has claimed that he is still an avid fan of the Old Lady and has described this year’s vintage as ‘awesome’.

“The first day I left Juventus I felt strange,” he told Rai Sport. “I was in a bit of a daze.

“I had a love affair with Juventus, and still do – that will remain forever.

“But I was curious about living a different type of life. I was in a world that I knew to perfection and I wanted to see what the opposite to that was.

“I wanted an ‘Anglo-Saxon’ life and to play in a League without relegation – I’ve discovered so many new things.

“The first adjective that comes to mind for this Juve team is awesome. They had a somewhat muted start compared to Roma, but their numbers so far have been monstrous.

“Everyone deserves credit for that – but Conte is the engine. The players though, have shown a willingness to keep on doing well.”