Sunday January 19 2014
Thiago Motta: 'Juve, sell Pogba!'

Thiago Motta advises Juventus to cash in on a reported €60m PSG offer for Paul Pogba. “It’d be a good deal for them.”

The Brazilian-Italian midfielder spoke to Tuttosport about life in Paris and the possibility of being joined by Pogba.

“I hope to sign a contract extension. We are missing a few small details, but at this stage I think it will all go well,” said Motta.

“I really like Pogba and also spoke about him to the Juve players during the Italy get-together. He has everything it takes to be a top player.

“Could he win the Ballon d’Or? With Leo Messi at the moment, I’d say it’s impossible. I thought Messi should’ve won it this year too rather than Cristiano Ronaldo, as he’s been the best in the world for five years.

“If Pogba arrived at PSG for €60m, it’d be a good deal for Juve. After having signed him on a free transfer, they’d be able to make a huge profit on his sale. Juventus are good at this sort of deal.

“I must say Arturo Vidal surprised me, as he’s even stronger than Pogba. He presses, runs, has quality and scores goals. He is one of the best midfielders in Europe and I’d put him ahead of Xavi in a FIFA XI.”

Thiago Motta is particularly eager to win back his spot in the Italy squad, as the World Cup will be in his homeland Brazil.

“This year I got back into the Nazionale and I’m very happy. It was my objective, far from a simple one, so getting there fills me with pride. I am happy to play for Italy and cannot see myself in a Brazil jersey. For me, the Seleçao are just an opponent like any other.

“It’s difficult to predict what will happen in the World Cup. First of all we need to see what condition we are in and we’ve got a very tough group.

“Andrea Pirlo is the real leader of the team. He doesn’t speak much, but on the field he gives you an immediate sense of confidence. He is world class. If I could, I’d sign him for PSG straight away, even if I’d then have to move out of my usual position.

“Is Marco Verratti the new Pirlo? No, they have completely different characteristics, but they can play together perfectly well.”