Monday January 20 2014
Moratti: Time to support Inter

Massimo Moratti has urged Inter’s supporters to get behind the team and Erick Thohir, during this difficult moment.

The Nerazzurri have won only once since the beginning of November and have fallen 11 points adrift of third place in the Serie A standings and been eliminated from the Coppa Italia during this run.

“I definitely think there's been some bad luck involved, but these are always excuses,” former President Moratti has mused to reporters outside his offices in Milan yesterday.

“I think the team played quite well yesterday [in defeat at Genoa]. The misfortune lies in the fact that we could have definitely scored, we missed some chances and made mistakes on the goal we conceded.

“All of that is behind the result we got. But I thought the match could have gone differently towards the end given the way we played.

“Have I spoken to Thohir? Of course, and he was very disappointed.

“I think he needs to come here [to Italy] and I think he will do so towards the end of the week because, just like with Milan before, the players and indeed everyone needs to have someone in front of them who knows what they're doing and is also the person in charge.

“This gives you a different kind of strength. I simply believe this needs to be done because it meets the demands - that he obviously knows perfectly well - of a club that has to move forward together.

“This is the time to support the team and the players are our friends. These guys work hard and we need to help them to achieve better results.

“Plus we need to have faith in Thohir because he's eager to do well.”

Moratti was asked of recent refereeing controversies to have gone against La Beneamata.

“I spoke too much about this when I was President but it's not improved at all. I still think those are in charge show arrogance.

“So I don't see how this can automatically change in people. I still think Rizzoli officiated very well yesterday, he just didn't see it.

“It's bad luck that it happens to us, but I think he managed the rest of the match very well. He didn't see it but that cost us dearly.”

Moratti was also asked of Thohir’s intentions to rejuvenate the squad with younger players. It has been taken as a message that he wants to also remove the older members of the sqyad.

“He never said that. First of all, Thohir never said anything of the sort. And obviously it's natural that age starts to catch up with you sooner or later.

“That's something we've always tried to do. I thought Milito was one of our best players yesterday, and Cambiasso put his heart and soul into the game.

“As long as their bodies hold up I think they make a very positive contribution.”

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