Tuesday January 21 2014
Mazzarri: We must be respected

Walter Mazzarri has urged that critics remember his achievements before making comparisons or evaluating work with Inter.

The 52-year-old is under increased attention at the moment for the Nerazzurri’s recent downturn in fortune.

A recent two-month run has earned comparisons with Andrea Stramaccioni’s struggles with the team during the second half of last season, but his successor does not believe this is necessarily fair.

“I know this world by now, and I don’t want to dwell on these things,” Mazzarri has told Sky Sport Italia this week.

“I can see everywhere, and not just with me, that sometimes a 10-year career can be forgotten in a minute. It’s not something I’m saying as a comparison to a colleague.

“I’m saying that you should evaluate things in a different way. I respect everyone as long as I’m respected, and if I’m not respected then I don’t worry about anyone else and I move forward just the same.

“Have I ever regretted saying no to Roma over the summer? Another quality I believe I have is that of never regretting things I’ve done.

“I’m someone who feels fulfilled, and I’m content with myself because I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve never been one to dwell on ifs and buts or be regretful. It’s just not the way I think.

“I threw myself into this adventure body and soul. I liked the adrenaline rush I felt when this club called me, and as long as I’m coaching here I’ll always give my all.

“I’ll do it with passion and without thinking about what could have been.”

Mazzarri, who also spoke on Tiki Taka about Inter’s current situation and life under Erick Thohir, was asked here for his ‘best win’ so far with the team and perhaps where he feels he hasn’t expressed him self best yet.

“It’s too soon to start thinking about these things. Many things have happened, and I feel I’ve done a pretty good job helping the people close to me to deal with this historic step the club has taken.

“I’ve never become distracted myself by what’s being said, what’s being done, nor by this transfer window.

“My conscience is clear from this standpoint. I’ve only thought about improving this team as much as I can. I want to wait until the end to make an assessment, because I’m also curious myself about what could happen.

“I have a good feeling, but as someone who works on the pitch, I don’t want to discuss other things. When will the first penalty arrive? It’s better to avoid that topic…”