Wednesday January 22 2014
Siena 'courage' against Fiorentina

Siena face Fiorentina in the Coppa Italia quarter-final with “calm and courage,” said Coach Mario Beretta.

They are the only remaining Serie B side in the tournament and make the short journey to Florence on Thursday in a Tuscan Derby.

“We are going to play with calm and courage, aware this is a very difficult game that is almost impossible,” said Beretta in his Press conference.

“Fiorentina are fourth in the Serie A table and targeting third place, have quality all the way through the squad and we will enjoy this opportunity to face such a strong side. We’ll be accompanied by many of our fans and hope to have a lovely evening together.”

Siena reached the quarter-finals by humiliating Serie A team Catania 4-1 in Sicily in the Round of 16.

“The lads put in a great performance in Catania and earned the right to play this game. I knew the team would do well, as I have a group of exemplary professionals despite difficult circumstances. They are accustomed to absorbing negativity.”

Siena are mid-table in Serie B, as they have been docked seven points due to financial irregularities from when the club narrowly avoided bankruptcy this summer.

Siena squad for Fiorentina: Bucuroiu, Farelli, Lamanna; Angelo, Belmonte, Dellafiore, Feddal, Matheu, Milos, Morero; D’Agostino, Giacomazzi, Pulzetti, Schiavone, Spinazzola, Valiani, Vergassola; Giannetti, Paolucci, Plasmati, Rosina, Rosseti, Scapuzzi, Thomas