Saturday January 25 2014
Rossi injury verdict on Tuesday

Giuseppe Rossi will learn the extent of his knee injury on Tuesday, revealed the Fiorentina star’s agent.

“We can confirm the visit with Professor Steadman will be on Tuesday,” wrote Federico Pastorello on Facebook.

“I will try to keep you informed, though of course my first thought will be ensuring Giuseppe gets the calm he needs.

“I thank everyone for the enormous affection I sense first of all from the city of Florence, but which expands from there all over Italy. It is affection I’ll transmit to Giuseppe as soon as I meet up with him over the next few days.”

Rossi suffered collateral knee ligament damage earlier this month, but specialist Professor Steadman wanted to wait until the swelling had gone down before seeing whether it had also affected the anterior cruciate ligament.

This is the ligament that snapped twice, keeping the player out of action for two years.

The response from Tuesday’s visit could decide whether or not Rossi will be fit for the World Cup.