Monday January 27 2014
'Nocerino ready for the PL'

West Ham boss Sam Allardyce has revealed the reasons behind Antonio Nocerino’s decision to move to the Premier League.

The midfielder has joined the Hammers from Milan until the end of the season, and the Upton Park outfit’s manager has claimed that the former Palermo man wants to play at this summer’s World Cup.

“Nocerino is enthusiastic about playing in the Premier League,” he told a Press conference on Monday.

“He’s also very motivated because this opportunity may allow him to go to the World Cup. Antonio is a versatile midfielder and is ready to fight for us.

“Our League needs players like him.”

The Rossoneri player joins Marco Borriello, who also signed for West Ham at the weekend, and Allardyce has revealed his current fitness.

“Borriello is not ready yet. He’ll need a bit more time to be fit. Nocerino though, is ready for selection right now.”