Friday January 31 2014
Mazzarri: Hernanes a smashing lad

Walter Mazzarri says Hernanes’ tears are the sign of ‘a smashing lad’, as he enthuses at Danilo D’Ambrosio’s enthusiasm.

The Nerazzurri confirmed full-back D’Ambrosio’s capture from Torino yesterday and are currently in late attempts to pick up Hernanes from Lazio.

The Brazilian was caught on camera leaving the Aquile’s training base on Thursday in tears, as the prospect of the move comes closer.

“Behind every role there's always a person. Just as behind every Coach there's a man. Hernanes is a smashing lad, I've always known that,” Mazzarri has considered on Sky Sport 24 this week.

“Have I ever cried? When I left Napoli I'd decided to explain everything to the lads but when I saw what they had written on the board and then they all applauded me I couldn't hold myself back anymore and I had to leave.

“D’Ambrosio? I liked the motivation he had in coming to us. He had offers from other teams but he had it in his head to come to Inter, and I knew he liked the idea of having me as his Coach because of the role he plays on the pitch.”

Mazzarri was then asked how he feels about being labelled a ‘cry-baby’.

“The word is incredibly insulting to me. It’s a term I find really hard to swallow. Only my adversaries use it towards me, and I’ve never heard the fans of teams I’ve coached use it.

“Many people are superficial and see and hear only what is convenient for them, and they always happen to be the ones who aren’t cheering for your team.

“As far as my own fans are concerned, I’ve only every heard them say that I’ve defended the team and its colours.”

The Coach’s relationship with Erick Thohir was brought up.

“My impression has been good. He's young, enthusiastic and wants to get stuck into things and work hard.

“And doing the job I do, it was nice to hear him say such positive things about the way my teams play.

“Would I have accepted the Inter job had I known about the sale? I made a decision, and it happened. It’s not a question I ask myself. It’s yet another difficulty and an even greater challenge.”

The 52-year-old was asked if there are colleagues he doesn’t get along with.

“It comes down more to the fact that these things don’t concern me. I’m already living the game an hour and a half beforehand. It’s something I experience intensely.

“Now I try to be more careful with my colleagues. But there’s never been any other reason than that one.”

Mazzarri was asked what particularly bothers him in the game today.

“A great quality I believe I have is that I started to do this job in an honest way, and simply for the love of doing it.

“I’ve never tried my hand at anything else. I also had to take in the communications world as well, which is something very important nowadays.

“But I never forget that I only feel really alive when my players are following me and improving. I do all the other things, but not quite as willingly.”

The tactician was asked to consider the accusation that he does not play many youngsters in his teams.

“I started out with Bologna’s Primavera team. Go and check out how many youngsters I gave a debut to at Reggina.

“You have to consider the fact that simply saying ‘youngster’ is limiting, and then ask whoever is using the term this question: what kind of objectives would Mazzarri have for the standings with a team made up of only youngsters? Would he be tasked with winning the League?

“The parameters have to be assessed objectively, or we’re not going to understand each other. I would always coach nothing but youngsters if I could, but if you wanted me to win the Scudetto with them it’s just not possible.

“Take a look at the two titles Juventus have won. How many young lads did they play? Just Pogba, who only became a starter this season. The same way I did with Insigne at Napoli.

“It’s the same story for Cavani, who was young when he arrived. And Lavezzi? Hamsik? Would you give them the same assessment you do now? I also worked for the club’s needs.”