Wednesday February 5 2014
Gervinho on Garcia and Usain Bolt

Gervinho credited Rudi Garcia with his great season at Roma and joked about beating Usain Bolt in a race.

The Ivory Coast international bagged a brace in tonight’s 3-2 Coppa Italia semi-final victory over Napoli.

“The goal at the start of the second half hurt us, but then we had the courage to keep fighting to the end and take home the victory,” he told Rai Sport.

“I am happy to share my joy with the fans and the team. It was great to score two goals tonight.”

Having already worked with Coach Garcia at Lille, Gervinho seems a completely different player to the one who struggled at Arsenal.

“Garcia loves playing football and filled the Roma players with confidence. He has an all-attack style and I chose Roma because of him.

“This evening I started out on the left flank, but I moved to the right because Francesco Totti finds it easier to pass the through balls down the right.”

Gervinho’s pace is extraordinary and he was asked whether he’d like to race Olympic sprinter Bolt.

“If we run with the ball at our feet, then I would win, because that’s difficult! If there’s no football, then he’d beat me.”