Friday February 7 2014
‘Taarabt must knuckle down’

Harry Redknapp has wished Adel Taarabt luck at Milan and advised him to ‘knuckle down’ to make a success of the switch.

The playmaker ended a season long loan at Fulham last month to complete a similar temporary move to the end of the campaign with Milan.

For his parent club’s manager, the move is one that Taarabt must focus on in order to make the most of.

“I hope he does well there, good luck to him,” Redknapp has mused this week to reporters.

“He went to Fulham but it didn't work out, he couldn't get a game.

“It's an amazing game, isn't it? You can't get a game at Fulham at the bottom of the Premier League and then you go to Milan!

“Years ago to get to Milan you had to be a world-class superstar.

“So it’s a great move for him and I hope he knuckles down and does well. He’s got the talent, it's just himself.”