Friday February 7 2014
FIGC to investigate own goal fiasco

The FIGC is set to investigate a regional Sicilian cup match after Bagheria scored eight goals in the final 10 minutes of a 14-3 defeat.

Borgata Terrenove played Bagheria in the final game of a three-team group that also included Partinicaudace.

Bagheria, who needed only a point to qualify for the next round of the Coppa Sicilia, were 4-3 behind, when Borgata scored twice in their own net.

The players then watched as Borgata netted six more own goals before the final whistle, going down 14-3.

The result meant that Terrenove qualified on goal difference in place of Partinicaudace.

“It had been a real contest up to a certain point then Bagheria staged a farce,” the Borgata Coach Ignazio Chianetta told the website Siciliaingol.

"Their captain told me they preferred us to qualify rather than Partinicaudace.

Partinicaudace's coach Giovanni Cammarata said: “I can guarantee there was no agreement between us and Bagheria.

“I can't try to understand a motive for these eight own goals. It has nothing to do with football and I hope the FIGC investigates.”

Sandro Morgana, the FIGC's regional president, said: “I will personally inform our prosecutors about this and they will look into the case and establish which sanctions should apply.”

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