Saturday February 8 2014
Inter fans propose crowdfunding

Fans have started a campaign to help Inter improve their status via crowdfunding. “It is a poetic idea.”

The plan was floated by Professor Enzo Bonora of the University of Verona, who outlined it to Tuttosport.

“I’d like to first of all make clear this initiative is not prompted by a lack of faith in the current Inter directors or the new owner, as I think Erick Thohir can make an important contribution, just as the Moratti family did in the past.

“This won’t interfere with the politics of the club, as it is a poetic idea.”

Bonora reveals his original plan was to allow supporters to buy shares in the club, but this would require years to get through the notorious Italian red tape.

“As I wrote in my letter to Honorary President Massimo Moratti, us Inter fans want to give something back.

“To cultivate the dream of being back at the top and staying at that level, we must pool our resources and donate them to the club.

“The idea is simple: take a very small amount from a large number of people, as with so many fans involved we could raise enough to shift the balance in this difficult time for our country.

“Italian football clubs struggle to impose themselves in Europe, as we no longer have the magnates who can do it all by themselves. Inter belong to the fans, so why can’t we be the first to support our beloved team?”

Crowdfunding is a popular system of raising money for a project via websites, as if enough people contribute a small sum then large figures can be put together.

“For example, if you leave a pizzeria and have spent €30, you’re not always necessarily happy. In football when your team wins, it brings out joy in its purest state. Why stop us dreaming?

“Besides, the money raised isn’t necessarily for the transfer market, as it could also be used for humanitarian operations like Inter Campus or a 15 per cent slice given to charity. This model could be exported to other non-sporting associations too.

“I will soon send a letter to Erick Thohir to see if he’d like this plan. Obviously, if the club is not happy about it, then we will stop, but I’ve already received positive feedback from people who have important roles at the club.

“We already have a slogan: ‘Share the team, share the dream, support Inter.’”

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