Wednesday February 12 2014
Donadoni: 'I told De Laurentiis...'

Parma Coach Roberto Donadoni gave scathing descriptions of his Presidents at Napoli, Cagliari and Milan.

The tactician spoke at a book presentation this evening and reminded journalists he’s dealt with his fair share of imposing figures.

“Other than Silvio Berlusconi when I was a player at Milan, as a Coach I worked for Aldo Spinelli, Enrico Preziosi, Massimo Cellino and Aurelio De Laurentiis.

“The rapport with Cellino was excellent, then he suddenly sacked me without explaining why. From that day we haven’t had the chance to speak again.

“I’ve always been very direct with my Presidents. For example, I once told De Laurentiis that I knew as much about cinema as he did about football.”

Donadoni also sniped at the media for propagating controversy.

“Communication in football is often banal, but mainly because we are asked banal questions. If journalists tried to dig into different areas, the responses would be different too.

“Then when someone does go outside those lines, everyone says it’s a scandal.”