Thursday February 13 2014
Serie A may end co-ownerships

The Gazzetta dello Sport are today reporting that the co-ownership of players in Serie A could be abolished.

According to the daily sports paper, meetings regarding the issue have already taken place between clubs with a view to bringing about the change by the summer of 2016.

Nevertheless, the new measure still needs the approval of the League and of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), in order for it to proceed.

Bologna President Albano Guaraldi is one of those to state his opinion on the proposal.

“We will talk about it with the League, I wouldn’t be in agreement with it,” he has commented to Tuttomercato.web.

“Co-ownership is something that helps to develop players and to value them.

“It’s not certain that things that work well in other countries would also work well here.

“It could be reduced and limited, but there is no way it could be abolished within two years.

“The two year period mentioned is too short, that’s for sure.”

Atalanta director general Pierpaolo Marino also indicated a similar opinion.

“I’m against its abolition, I’ve already experienced a period like this,” he said. “There were so many disputes with private contracts.

“The transition period cannot only last two years. It should be between three and five if it goes ahead.”

Current statistics are that there are 164 co-ownership deals currently in place in Serie A, with 92 of those due to expire this coming summer.