Saturday February 15 2014
Acerbi: 'Pain is temporary'

Sassuolo defender Francesco Acerbi explained why he’s training during chemotherapy. “Pain is only temporary.”

The former Chievo, Genoa and Milan player celebrated his 26th birthday this week, but is fighting a relapse of the testicular cancer that had already been diagnosed in June.

Despite going through a course of chemotherapy, Acerbi can still be seen jogging at the club’s training ground.

“I stop and think that pain is only temporary,” wrote Acerbi on Twitter today.

“I never stop training because I know that soon I will be back on the field with my team.”

A testicular tumour was discovered during a routine medical over the summer, as blood tests showed some irregularities.

It was removed with surgery, but Acerbi then failed a doping test in December, showing elevated levels of a hormone that is created by tumours.

Whereas doctors had opted only for an operation the first time round, the relapse pushed them to advise a course of chemotherapy.