Saturday February 15 2014
DDV: 'Elkann is an imbecile'

Fiorentina owner Diego Della Valle continued his feud with Juventus patron and “imbecile” John Elkann.

The row erupted earlier this week, as they have very different political and business views on how Italy should emerge from the economic crisis.

“Poor Yaki never wastes an opportunity to remind Italians he is an imbecile,” slammed Della Valle.

“We ought to have a referendum and ask if we still want him in Italy. John Elkann belongs to a family that has destroyed an industrial quantity of jobs in Italy and, therefore, the hopes of many young people.

“It is an absolute shame that one of the Agnelli family should suggest young Italians have job prospects. Someone who dares to claim they stay at home because they don’t want to work is an imbecile.

“His family should keep him at home to rest for a while. Maybe send him skiing.”

FIAT-Chrysler President Elkann hit the headlines on Friday when telling university students that “many young people don’t take the work opportunities that are there because they are happy at home or have no ambition.”

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