Tuesday February 18 2014
Another Roma crowd ban for Inter

Roma will have the two Curve and the Distinti Sud section closed against Inter after more anti-Neapolitan chants.

The Giallorossi supporters have repeatedly broken the rules banning ‘territorial discrimination,’ rules originally designed to deal with racism in stadiums.

The Curva Sud and Curva Nord were already shut for Sunday’s 3-0 victory over Sampdoria, the first in a two-match ban.

However, during that game there were more anti-Neapolitan insults heard coming from the Distinti Sud section.

The Disciplinary Commission reacted by ordering that area of the stadium locked down too for the next home game, which is against Inter.

“The chant ‘Oh Vesuvius, wash them with lava’ was heard from around 90% of the circa 6,000 spectators who were in that sector,” read the report.

Considering the rest of the stadium applauded, the chants were clearly heard and the fact this club has repeatedly fallen foul of the rules, Roma were also fined €80,000 and forced to play a game with the Distinti Sud section closed.

Roma had already lodged an appeal against the closure of the Curva Sud and Curva Nord, but the High Court won’t give its ruling until next Tuesday.

Francesco Totti also appealed to the ultras in a message on his official website.

“We need the support of our fantastic fans, who we are now accustomed to. Playing with the Curve empty is not the same thing and even from the Tribuna there was a weird sensation on Sunday night.

“I hope that for the rest of the season the fans won’t compromise their ability to stay close to us.”

Totti was in the stands for Roma-Sampdoria on Sunday due to an injury.

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