Tuesday February 18 2014
Lucio: 'Materazzi repressed and nasty'

Lucio launched an astonishing attack on former Inter teammate Marco Materazzi. “He’s repressed, nasty and tried to hurt opponents.”

Matrix had started the row with his comments earlier this month, suggesting Lucio should’ve retired already.

“It’s difficult to talk about Materazzi, because I arrived in Italy in 2009 and the last time I saw him play well was in 2006,” replied current Palmeiras defender Lucio.

“Perhaps it hurts him that before I arrived he’d never got past the Champions League Round of 16.”

Materazzi also told journalists that Jose Mourinho had threatened to ‘kill’ Lucio if he ran out of defence with the ball to feet.

“I always had an excellent rapport with Mourinho,” replied the Brazilian. “In fact, he once said that if he had to go to war, I’d be the first person he’d bring with him. That was reported all over the world and made me very happy.

“Materazzi is a bit repressed, but on the pitch he was very nasty as he went in to hurt his opponents. I played alongside him and heard him say he played to hurt the opposition.

“Now he behaves the same way off the field – as a nasty person.”