Wednesday February 19 2014
Beretta: We're punishing the majority

Serie A leader Maurizio Beretta has admitted that the League has to change the way it punishes clubs for territorial discrimination.

Roma have recently had both of their Curves closed because of anti-Neapolitan chanting, whilst Juventus were handed a similar punishment earlier in the campaign.

The President though, has conceded that they are reprimanding many because of few fans.

“This problem is not the norm,” he told Gazzetta dello Sport. “However, we are in UEFA and they have a penalty system.

“The system has many limitations though, but that’s what we have at the moment.

“We are punishing the minority of uncivilized people the hard way, but we can’t continue to punish the majority of respectable fans as well.

“I’m sure they share our fight against racism, which I repeat, we will not back down from.

“But the current system is proving to be something of a boomerang. It’s now become a weapon of blackmail against the clubs.”

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