Wednesday February 26 2014
Cosmi: 'Great players not great Coaches'

Serse Cosmi blasted new tacticians like Clarence Seedorf at Milan. “Saying ‘he was a Coach on the field’ is incredibly stupid.”

The former boss of Perugia, Genoa and Udinese was appointed at Pescara this week, but is thoroughly unimpressed with the new breed.

“We have a school of coaching that is at the vanguard and for me that journey is hugely important to build your profession,” Cosmi told TMW.

“I can see it doesn’t mean the same to others. I have to wonder what the point of the Coverciano courses is now. It’s less hypocritical to just say anyone can be a Coach, you don’t need to learn or to pay your dues.”

In order to be a Serie A Coach, you need to pass a course at the Coverciano ground, which includes attending classes on tactics and writing a thesis.

“I get the feeling the Coverciano course is now just a piece of paper and acts like a sanatorium for ex-players, which I cannot accept. The job of a Coach is very different to that of a player.

“Football management is the only thing that seemingly allows you to go directly from school to university and that is not right. People need to recognise what it means to be a Coach.

“I think that today someone like me would never make it up from the amateur Leagues. I’m not the only one, but also Coaches like Arrigo Sacchi, Renzo Ulivieri and Alberto Malesani.

“There was once a time where it wasn’t necessary to be a great player in order to be a Serie A Coach. These lads starting now almost make me feel sorry for them, as they are in these huge situations without preparation. You are not born a Coach.

“I also maintain saying ‘He was already a Coach on the field’ is incredibly stupid.”

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