Thursday February 27 2014
Referees ‘cost €5m a season’

Corriere dello Sport are reporting that the cost of paying top-flight referees in Italy can be around €5m a season.

It is said that the referees earn a combined €4.5m during the domestic season, though that number equals and surpasses €5m when compensation and European ties are also taken into consideration.

This equates to around €9,000 per referee for every domestic match they take charge of, which goes up to €10,000 once all their expenses have been reimbursed.

That means expenditures of around €100,000 every Serie A matchday, which when multiplied by 38 gives a total amount of €3.8m spent on the Serie A season alone.

There is then the Italian Super Cup, from which the chosen referee earns €3,800, and the Coppa Italia, with higher wages awarded with each passing round.

This brings the estimated total cost to around €5m a season.

Nicola Rizzoli, the official at the centre of Sunday’s controversial derby between Juventus and Torino, is reported to have earned around €78,000 so far this season.

He will also be Italy’s representative at this summer’s World Cup, meaning he will receive a further cash windfall.