Friday February 28 2014
Viola fans to make referee protest

Fiorentina ultras will not be present for the first 10 minutes of their game against Lazio, it has been claimed.

The Viola supporters have released a statement that they will make a protest during the match with the capital outfit on Sunday by walking out for the first part of the game.

The fans are apparently unhappy with consistently bad performances from referees.

“Now is enough,” the statement began as reported by lazionews24. “Fiorentina are tired of passively accepting the continual wrongs of referees.

“A vase was filled that is now overflowing. A person who considers Fiorentina an integral part of their life must express their anger and support this initiative.

“We invite the fans who will be present at the stadium on Sunday to leave the stands for the first 10 minutes .

“We want everyone to realise our dissatisfaction and distrust that has occurred because of the mismanagement of the system in Italy.

“After these 10 minutes we will return to our rightful place in the stands supporting the team.”