Saturday March 1 2014
Atalanta introduce code of ethics

Atalanta have introduced a code of ethics, including a ban on using slot machines and consorting with people who place bets.

The club has suffered more than most in the match-fixing scandals, as former captain Cristiano Doni confessed to helping fix games, but insisted he only did so ‘to help the club.’

“The idea came about due to what had happened here, but it is also a problem that affects all of football,” director general Pierpaolo Marino told L’Eco di Bergamo newspaper.

“Considering what occurred in recent years, we decided to adopt measures to protect the club, but also demand respect for the rules both on the field and off in the principles of fair play and honesty.”

Players and members of the Atalanta staff are now barred from using slot machines, visiting any online betting sites and frequenting people who place bets.

The punishment can go from a fine to the termination of their contracts.

Atalanta confirmed their crackdown by freezing Marko Livaja out of the squad for 10-15 days after he refused to warm up during the final minutes of Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Udinese.

It’s not the first time the striker, who is co-owned with Inter, has landed himself in trouble in Bergamo. In May 2013 he got into a training ground brawl with teammate Ivan Radovanovic, punching him in the face.

“Sanctions must be educational for the younger players. That is how this should be read,” added Marino.

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