Saturday March 1 2014
Mazzola: 'Close the Juventus Stadium'

Sandro Mazzola, whose father died in the Superga tragedy, believes the Juventus Stadium “should be closed for a year” after offensive banners.

The Bianconeri only received a €25,000 fine when two banners were shown during the Turin Derby mocking the air crash that killed the Grande Torino squad on May 4 1949.

The players were returning from a friendly in Lisbon when their plane crashed into the Superga Basilica in the hills around Turin, killing all 31 on board, including Valentino Mazzola.

“I say that stadium should be closed for a year, maybe even forever. Only in Italy can these things happen,” blasted Mazzola on Radio Kiss Kiss.

“People then forget everything and stop talking about it. I am still furious. The Disciplinary Commission punished those banners with a fine of only €25,000. It’s ridiculous and shameful.

“I want to underline the Juventus directors had nothing to do with it. We must punish those who showed those banners, but also those who stood next to them and allowed it to happen without lifting a finger.

“I met Brazilian journalists who told me only Il Grande Torino came close to playing on a par with the Brazilian teams.”

Sandro Mazzola spent his entire career at Inter, winning the European Cup twice, while he won the Euro 1968 trophy and helped Italy finish second in the 1970 World Cup.

Il Grande Torino are considered to be one of the best teams in football history, winning the Scudetto five years in a row and forming most of the Italy squad at the time.