Thursday March 6 2014
Giaccherini: Spain physically stronger

Emanuele Giaccherini explained why Italy seemed to be a step behind Spain in their friendly test.

Cesare Prandelli complained the difference in fitness levels was ‘almost embarrassing’ after a 1-0 defeat in Madrid.

“I think what the Coach said was right, as other than technical qualities tonight Spain seemed much stronger physically,” the Sunderland man told Rai Sport.

“It’s true we all play the same season, but the important thing is to be in the best shape come June.

“When playing against Spain and they make you run after the ball with their possession, it does take a lot out of you and you’re not sharp when you finally do get the ball.

“We are always Italy, but it’s also true that Spain are the reigning World and European Champions, so they are the favourites in any tournament.

“In recent years they have shown themselves to be the strongest.

“From what I saw on the field, Spain move the ball around very quickly, so they are able to escape pressing with fast passes.

“You don’t know when to press them high up the field or when to back up. It’s very tough to face a team like this.”