Thursday March 6 2014
Osvaldo: 'I'll dress as Jack Sparrow!'

Daniel Osvaldo pledged to “dress like Jack Sparrow” if Juventus win the Scudetto and “didn’t have time to adapt” to Southampton.

The striker, on loan from Southampton, answered fan questions in a Twitter Q&A this afternoon.

“Wearing the Juventus shirt is an incredible feeling. It weighs on you, but can give enormous satisfaction too,” he wrote.

“Entering the Juventus Stadium with the Bianconeri jersey is unique. As an opponent going in there, it is incredibly hard!

“I have two splendid dogs who I adore, they are called Diego and Braulio. The secret to styling my beard is not to style it!

“If I hadn’t become a football player, I’d have liked to be a musician, hopefully a guitar player. My favourite Rolling Stones song? Wild Horses!”

He then showed his musical chops by singing the Juventus club anthem, which you can see below in the behind the scenes video.

“As a kid I loved Batistuta, Ronaldo, Riquelme and growing up Carlos Tevez also became my idol. Who has impressed me the most at Juve? Tevez and Vidal.

“I’ve lost count of how many tattoos I have now. The most important ones have the names of my children.”

He also revealed superstitions, such as always stepping on to the pitch with his right foot first.

Osvaldo was asked about his time with the Saints, who he left in January after just six months.

“How did I adapt to the Premier League? It was such a brief experience that I didn’t have time to adapt! I did learn that it’s a very tough League.”

Osvaldo has been noted for his similarity to Johnny Depp and pledged to dress up as his most iconic character from Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Will I dress as Jack Sparrow if Juventus win the Scudetto? Alright, I’ll do it! Promise!”

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