Friday March 7 2014
Tevez: Juve know our strength

Carlos Tevez has spoken of his pride in wearing the shirt of Juventus, and on how he is not surprised by the team’s form this term.

The Argentine currently leads the Serie A scoring charts midway through his first season with the Old Lady and notably holds the No 10 shirt made famous by the likes of Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero.

“The No 10 jersey is very important for the fans and also a little for me too,” Tevez has commented today to JTV.

“When I wear the shirt of Juventus, this is the identity of the club. I am happy whether on a Sunday or a Thursday, whenever I play, to wear the shirt of Juventus. I think it is important for a player.”

Tevez was asked how he feels his early work in Turin has gone, and his adaptation in the city.

“I believed that if I have worked hard to adapt, I knew I could do everything right on the field. I have remained physically fit, which I had hoped for this year. When I arrived, I said: if physically fit, we can do great things.

“Yes I expected such a start at Juventus, because we knew of our potential in the field, inside and out. We are a strong team and we know it. When we all play together, it is hard to beat Juventus.

“How has it been in Turin? I really the city as a city, because I lived seven or eight years in Manchester and to live in Manchester is difficult.

“Turin is like living in an Argentine city, not Buenos Aires because that is too large, but it is similar to an Argentine city. For me, for my family, it has been easy to adapt to Turin.

“The most difficult is the Italian League. I have played in many countries, but the most difficult is the Italian League because it is very tactical, the game is too tactical, the Coach tactically controls the game. It is why Italian football is very difficult.”

The Argentine was also asked for comment on whether last week’s goal scored at Milan was his best yet.

“I always think that the next goal is the most beautiful, if it arrives against Fiorentina or after that. The next goal is always the most beautiful.”

This weekend the Bianconeri host Fiorentina.

“I think it will be a very good game, because they are the only team to have beaten us in the first half of the season. It is going to be a very nice game.”

One objective that Juve have fallen short of this term has been the Champions League.

“I think it is the dream of everyone, not just the fans, but also the players. But we have to remove the pressure of winning the Champions League, otherwise it will be impossible to win.”