Friday March 7 2014
Happy Hernanes

Inter midfielder Hernanes says is very happy with the decision he made to join the club, a month after moving to San Siro.

The 28-year-old recently suffered a minor knock but will play in the Nerazzurri’s game with Torino in Sunday.

“One month has gone by quickly,” Hernanes told Sky. “I am happy and I get on well with everything, from the staff to my teammates.

“I’m feeling good and I am available to go out on the pitch from the very first minute.

“We want to give a good performance and try to get a win from the beginning till the end of the match.”

The player then commented on protests made by fans of his former cub Lazio in light of his transfer.

“I know that it’s a difficult period for the club and for Lotito,” he said.

“I hope they can find a bit of peace, even though I don’t know how that will happen.

“I feel sorry for my old teammates, playing without fans is horrible and demotivating.

“I hope they sort things out.”