Saturday March 8 2014
Taarabt: 'Wasted time before Milan'

Adel Taarabt feels he “flourished” at Milan and did nothing but “waste two or three years” with QPR and Fulham.

The Moroccan international spoke to local media after a friendly game against Gabon this week and had harsh words for his Premier League owners.

“Have I finally found the club I need to show my talents? Clearly,” he told Le Matin.

“There is no comparison between where I’ve been and where I am currently. Milan is a great club and I am well suited to it here. There are all the conditions to let me give my best.

“I am fortunate to be at a great professional club, one that strives to ensure the players only have to focus on the pitch. When you are in a context like this, it makes you transcend your limitations.

“I flourished at Milan and it shows on the field. I am happy to join this great club and hope to stay as long as possible.”

It’s particularly surprising to see the January signing’s form considering he struggled to get into the first team at QPR and Fulham.

“I would say that I wasted two or three years of my career staying at Queens Park Rangers. I did not change or develop much in that time.

“People have judged me on my behaviour off the field and generally it was unfair. I’m not saying that I didn’t screw up, but it was a bit exaggerated. Now I hope they will judge me on my performance on the field.

“When you look at a player like Ricardo Kaka, he is class personified. A Ballon d’Or winner. When you play alongside this kind of player, it makes you want to work hard. Playing alongside professionals of this calibre, you learn and evolve.”