Saturday March 8 2014
'Pogba-Juve the perfect marriage'

Agent Mino Raiola insists Paul Pogba doesn’t need a contract renewal. “We are interested only in Juventus, the perfect marriage.”

Every day the papers claim there is a bidding war for the 20-year-old French midfielder, starting from Paris Saint-Germain’s70m offer.

“Why should he renew his contract? He has a good deal,” Raiola told Radio Deejay.

“We are interested only in Juventus. So far I haven’t heard from anyone, so until I do then nothing can happen.

“It is the perfect marriage and it’s still going strong. Antonio Conte and the Bianconeri are very important in Paul’s growth process.

“He is a special lad and doesn’t want to be disturbed, because he wants to achieve the objectives he set at the start of the season.

“Those are the Scudetto and now the Europa League, which will have the Final in Turin. It’s not often you get the chance to win a European trophy in your own stadium.”

Raiola is famous for comparing his star players to works of art and did the same for Pogba.

“Let’s just say if one day the Mona Lisa is put up for sale, it won’t be a problem finding a buyer.”