Thursday March 13 2014
Hamsik: 'I'm not the man I was'

Marek Hamsik is frustrated with himself after another poor Napoli performance. “I am not the man I once was.”

The midfielder hasn’t been the same since returning from two months out with an injury and spoke to Sky Sport Italia after the 1-0 Europa League defeat to Porto.

“The result can be overturned, but it is also dangerous. We had the chances to score and it’s a shame we didn’t make more of them.

“Porto are a very attacking side who leave gaps in defence, so we will have to make the most of those spaces in the second leg next week.

“As for my condition, I am struggling and it shows. I have to get out of this by myself. I am not the man I once was and certain moves just don’t work anymore.

“It is not a physical problem per se, I just need to find myself again.”