Sunday March 16 2014
It wasn't me!

Football is no longer the main sport at Milan, as Susy Campanale notes it is now Passing the Buck.

I blame President Silvio Berlusconi. He blames Massimiliano Allegri. The fans blame Adriano Galliani and Mario Balotelli. They blame injuries, for which the media blame Milan Lab. Clarence Seedorf, naturally, agrees with his President in all matters, so we’re back to Allegri again.

It’s not remotely surprising that the Seedorf bubble burst so quickly, as bringing in a Coach with no management experience midway through a Serie A, Coppa Italia and Champions League campaign was never really going to end well. However, the way he has handled the downward trajectory is utterly disconcerting. Like the master of this mind trick Berlusconi, Seedorf has embraced every opportunity to take the credit and passed the buck of blame over to Allegri when things went sour.

“The team struggled psychologically to react, as they often do. This moment of difficulty lasted so long that it affected the team. They can react once, but after a second blow they can’t get back on their feet,” said Seedorf after the 4-1 Champions League defeat to Atletico Madrid. “I am not responsible for the situation that was created. I am here to improve the situation,” added the Coach ahead of a very difficult game with sixth-placed Parma. In just over a month the Dutchman has gone from self-proclaimed ‘anti-virus’ to cup of hot tea with lemon.

Now the Curva Sud will hold a protest with banners demanding the heads of Galliani and Balotelli. Perhaps they were inspired by the Lazio ultras and their ability to make a bad situation much worse. They complain that Balotelli doesn’t give 100 per cent, that he is petulant, lazy and obsessed with off the field antics. It’s not as if any of this was news when Milan signed him. As for those still insisting he is young and needs to grow up, let’s not forget Antonio Cassano is still pulling these stunts and he’s over 30.

Milan have fundamental problems and they are not going to be fixed by changing the Coach or a couple of players. They need to plan out an actual team and not just a collection of ageing figures they managed to get cheap who then have to be shoved into a starting XI with no logical form. The club has to revamp its medical staff and fitness trainers, because it has been too many years now with endless injuries that defy explanation.

Above all, everyone must step up and take on their fair share of the responsibility rather than following Berlusconi’s lead by taking the credit when things go right and passing the buck when it turns bad. Balotelli isn’t the only one who needs to grow up.

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At Maldini's heir I agree with you regarding getting rid of so many players at the same time as that does not solve anything. Besides how many teams will be willing to pay for them and their wages? I do disagree with your comment re managers. Seedorf is not the problem as 3 months is no way to judge anyone. Mourinho inherited a team that came 3rd in the league, semis in fa cup, won Europa league so they were not crap. He is not a good fit at Milan anyways where winning and playing well go hand
on the 17th March, 2014 at 1:43pm
Balo is a great player. But he is also a player who brings all types fans to the match. He is under constant scrutiny. He needs to be on a team with less hype then those of Man C or Milan. His color his chip on his shoulder and own self pressures doesn't make it easy for him in Serie A. It shouldn't matter what race or what happened in the past. Once he focuses and learns to put all that aside and not be hard on himself watch what he does. All fans of Italian football will be cheering Balo Bal
on the 17th March, 2014 at 1:38pm
Amazing that Milan went from the most amazing medical team in the world to what they are now. The club has too many issues and it's obvious where they are. Seedorf has shown a lot of good things but it doesn't change how absurd the move was and is. It's showing more now. But he's done well, for the most part, and he's not wrong about what he's saying. However, it feels like they stuck to Allegri (who should have been fired long ago) so that they could refer back to him for blame.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 1:35pm
@ coin I agree with you 100%. The fans are almost willing balo to fail. Fair play to him for meeting the ultras yesterday after that performance. Bonera and Mexes decided to stay away! But I thought the former is a fan favourite! Basically if the ultras get their way we'll still have bonera next season and we'll replace balo with Adebayor!
on the 17th March, 2014 at 1:21pm
Every team goes through crappy periods. Juve was in a similar way a few years back (yes they were garbage for a couple years). Look at Man United right now. They suck too. It happens. No coach is going to make a huge impact right now. There are so many issues with this team it's not funny. They need to start with the basics. Clear direction! I'm a big Milan fan and have been for many years but I don't wear blinders and I call things the way they are. Milan suck right now. It happens!
on the 17th March, 2014 at 1:19pm
@ Baggiot class balotelli not! With respect why are you focusing on balo when our defence just conceded another 4 goals. As strummerman pointed out scoring 2 goals should win you a match but not with our porous defence. And you must have a short memory because only 2 years ago balo s goals got us to the final of the euros. Your hero only scored 1 more goal than balo in the 94 World Cup but I guess balo doesn't turn up for the big games. Except Germany in the semi finals.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 1:18pm
If a mourinho or a conte or a Garcia went to milan you'd suddenly see the same players improve. There's some of course which are beyond help such as bonera and Mexes. In a parallel universe where allegri went to Roma last summer and milan got Garcia I guarantee you we wouldn't be having this discussion. Managers make all the difference.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 11:55am
@ Nicola There's no point calling for 20 players to be changed or else next season will also be a write off. One of the reasons this season is so bad is because Galliani changed so many players. There was no need the team finished third and just needed CBs. If you look at Chelsea and Man utd. Last season with practically the same squads the former struggled and latter won the league. Now the roles are reversed. The only difference really is the managers.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 11:52am
@ lady Viktoria

Do you think you own the team ?
Do you think you represent the team ?

Do us a favor and zip it.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 11:33am
Donadoni or Van Basten

Create a defined 3 year plan Outlined to all within Milan and Make it happen.

Berlusconi if you are no longer willing to spend thank you for all you have done but move on don't leave milan where you found her in Serie B.

Let someone ambitious enjoy what you have enjoyed and go quietly unlike your Political Career.

To those blaming Allegri and Galliani one word REALLY?
they lost how many players with next 2 nothing 2 put into the squad, give me a break.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 10:59am
How can anyone blame Seedorf? He was given a team that back in the glory days wouldn't have even made the Milan bench. Seedorf has my full support despite his lack of experience. Milan's best signing in recent years has to be De Jong. He is consistent, strong and just does his job without the ego. Balotelli can go, along with everyone at the back except for Abate, De Sciglio and Rami. 8 goals in 2 games!? Maldini and Baresi must be having nightmares these days.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 10:55am
Great article.

3 year Plan

Year 1 acquire players in bulk 2 per position of formation maintain high % italian 22-25 players max use youth team for reinforcements

Year 2 release sell 4 -5 weakest squad members and replace them with walk up starters like for like positions 22-25 total first team squad

Year 3 buy 1-2 world Class players for central positions to build squad around
incorporate 2-3 U18 italians as fringe players and either do an udinese and sell them off or keep them. 23 + 3 jnrs
on the 17th March, 2014 at 10:44am
Maldinis heir

With respect why are you constantly defending Balo???????

He doesn't score...simple.

You are counting penalties.

He is not the answer to Milan or more worryingly,,,,Italy!
on the 17th March, 2014 at 10:32am
The reality is Milan's defence is a disaster. Two goals normally wins games. Bonera was a second stringer on mid- level teams. Mexes has been overrated his whole career, Roma had a porous defensive record when he was there. Abate has one virtue his speed but he is a defensive liability and a poor crosser. Di Sciglio has been oft injured so not much to be said. Abbiatti is old and inconsistent. As for the offence surround Balo with Cassano, Prince Boateng, the Pharoah, and Niang and see then
on the 17th March, 2014 at 10:30am
It's so easy to fix Milan...Sack Seedorf. He was great player, but let's face it, he cannot manage such a big club like Milan. He has proved it.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 8:22am
It's a real pity to see Milan in this state, but pointing fingers at just one or two ppl like the fans did is not the answer you guys need a massive overhaul.But i personally would start with berlusconi having close to no say in anything besides money,galliani has to go and give seedorf a bit of a chance but imo hiring him was a MASSIVE mistake.And stop falling into the Man u trap of only buying attackers when your biggest problems are defense and it is super clear to see.
on the 17th March, 2014 at 8:21am
The fan's are right to protest, Milan fans we must stand UNITED and we must be heard!
Berlusconi is president and owner but,
We the fans pay the bills!

Fans shouldn't buy tickets to the remainder of the game's! And until there is improvement made! This season or next!
This is our team.
Send a message to these clowns!
on the 17th March, 2014 at 6:19am
Matri on Milan-15 appearances 1 goal Matri on Fiorentina-8 appearances 3 goals So how can a player score more than double the goals in half the matches? A great coach who has the ability to squeeze results out of his players. The decision to make Seedorf coach was a joke, but you can't expect a guy with no coaching experience to improve a team. I blame the goofball who compared Balo to a rotten apple claiming they would never buy him because he would spoil the other apples #Milanmanagementsucks
on the 17th March, 2014 at 4:27am
Montolivo, mexes,robinho, constant,abbiati, silvestre,bonera,emanuelson, and sorry to say Balotelli. With these sales Milan can honestly purchase some real up and coming and even established credible players. These are symptomatic players that milan don't need anymore. This organization needs some serious restructuring if it's to stay competitive and successful in the future. Follow the JUVENTUS, ROMA AND NAPOLI PATH, OH AND EVEN FIORENTINA to name a few. Geeeezzzzz! Even PARMA AND VERONA.......
on the 16th March, 2014 at 11:52pm
Treat the disease not the symptoms. Milan is in need of dire restructuring, starting from the top down. Berlusconi needs to go or sell 35 to 40 percent of his holdings so new money and fresh ideas can save this team. Seedorf needs more time to learn how to coach, starting in maybe lega pro or seria b the most.Spalletti would be great for Milan next term an absolute gem of a coach. Galliani must go it's time for new innovative and dynamism in the GM department so out with the old in with the new.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 11:35pm
Balotelli is the worst player in milan's squad. By far the most overrated in world football. But again, this is a board error. If you give a gun to a chimp and the chimp shoots someone, you don't blame the chimp. I'll let the record state; I'm not comparing Balotelli to a chimpanzee based on his skin colour, I am however comparing him to one based on his footballing ability, stupidity and general attitude to the game and his teammates.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 10:22pm
Milan need to invest in ITALIAN youth.

They should start by signing Giovinco, Verrati & Destro.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 10:08pm
What is the biggest laugh about this sad story is all haters out there cursing milan and trash talking as much as they can. It's not even about their own team its about talking crap about another team. In other words its pure spite and hatred. Why would you even comment on someone else team, what do you get in return? The satisfaction of trash talking? Milan's current situation is horrendous but my loyalty for the ac milan is bigger if they even got demoted I will still root fot them. F
on the 16th March, 2014 at 8:49pm
I love the fans who want to end Balotellis career, its quite fascinating in terms of hypocrisy and bigotry.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 8:22pm
Poli's heart is Milans best attribute and thats only worth a 10th place finish tops. I might be able to out perform Urby at left back with a cig in my mouth and I've never played fullback plus I'm right footed. No coach could make winners out of this group, its that simple. Aged professionals learning about concepts like ball retention and high pressure in game while their ability to create and exploit space is embarrassing, hard to watch even.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 7:47pm
I smoke and have never played fullback but there is decent chance I can out perform Emanualson at left back and I'm right footed. The best thing about Milan is Poli's heart but thats only worth a 10th place finish tops. No coach could make winners out of this group, its that simple to me. There ability to create and exploit space is disgraceful. My opinion has not changed over the last couple months, professionals having to learn about concepts like ball retention and high pressure.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 7:24pm
Loving it! Hope they get even worse next season
on the 16th March, 2014 at 7:08pm
I'm really gutted to see ac milan perform like a seri an team with no flare and no courage. Bali gives the ball way to easily and bonera is just a disgrace having said that a what makes it more emotional for me as a milan fan, is the whole behind the scen with milan they are not willing to buy world class players and change the formation and tactics. If a tactic don't work change them? We seriously need a make over from GK to a solid striker.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 7:03pm
Berlusconi, enjoy Seedorf as much as you want.
on the 16th March, 2014 at 6:47pm
I support A.C Milan from 2002 and I've seen a lot, there were defeats , bad things but now what's happening it's disgusting.. There is nothing left from glorious team, players without class, no signs of revival..

Milan needs money, Silvio must sell club or invest.. There is no salvation without it...

We should invest money in young and talanted players..
players who want to win and have champion soul..

Balotelli is a loser, talanted loser !! Big club like Milan mustn't rely on him..
on the 16th March, 2014 at 6:38pm

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