Sunday March 16 2014
Mihajlovic: 'I'm fed up!'

Sinisa Mihajlovic was furious with Sampdoria after their 3-0 defeat to Atalanta. “I’m fed up, from now on only men play.”

The Coach vented his anger at the squad following this afternoon’s loss in Bergamo, as unlike last week’s 4-2 win over Livorno, there was no second half comeback.

“I am fed up with seeing this sort of game,” said Mihajlovic, although the phrase he actually used in Italian was rather more colourful.

“We saw the Sampdoria of five months ago. Now we have to find ourselves again, because this is a real hammering.

“I hope the lads can learn, but I get the feeling some of them have let success go to their heads. Now I will take action. From now on only the men play.

“In the first 15 minutes we tried to play, but the team was already sated. I have to take responsibility for that, because it means I must motivate them more.

“So far it has been an extraordinary campaign, but if we play like we did today then we’re capable of throwing it all away.

“I don’t want to look bad or be embarrassed. In the next game, we’ll see who plays. I choose first men and then players, so I don’t want anyone who thinks they are a phenomenon.”