Monday March 17 2014
Ventura: 'Ref was embarrassing'

Giampiero Ventura was “embarrassed” by the officiating and “shocking injustice” as Torino lost to Napoli.

The Toro Coach was livid when Gonzalo Higuain went clear on goal to score in the last minute after tripping Kamil Glik, though the referee considered it to be unintentional as they simply crossed paths.

“I don’t want to get into this. I’m embarrassed, as I said I didn’t want to talk about referees anymore, but I don’t know what else to say after an objectively difficult season,” Ventura told Sky Sport Italia.

“The verdicts on the field have to be accepted, but we’ve left 10 points by the wayside in this manner. Someone will tell me I should me smarter, but it’s hard for me to explain a defeat like this to my players.

“The incidents are all incredibly obvious, it’s really embarrassing. I prefer to talk about the game and hope this season ends as quickly as possible.

“We hit the woodwork twice, threw away seven scoring opportunities and it is a shocking injustice to have lost this game.

“I compliment Napoli, who have a lot of quality. I am a Coach, so I have to find a way to tell my players they must continue working and be stronger than these incidents.

“We lost a Turin Derby because of this, we dropped many points this way and I never said a word. I hope it ends soon, because I don’t recall a year like this in 30 years of football.”

Ventura also raised eyebrows with his selections, dropping both top scorers Alessio Cerci and Ciro Immobile from the starting XI.

“I wasn’t dropping them, I simply felt that the characteristics of Riccardo Meggiorini and Paulo Barreto were more suited to Napoli and I was proved right by the performance.

“When you create so many opportunities against a side like Napoli, it means you are on the right track.”