Wednesday March 19 2014
They Said What?!

Edy Reja finds criticism a bit too spicy, ultras lose the plot and Rudi Garcia doesn't do close dancing as Susy Campanale finds daft quotes.

“Criticism is the spice of this sport, but we need the fans close to this team.”

Edy Reja is choking on Lazio’s piri-piri flavoured protest

“I would say that I wasted two or three years of my career staying at Queens Park Rangers. I did not change or develop much in that time.”

The feeling is mutual, Adel Taarabt

“Losing a Scudetto on the last day was devastating, but Calciopoli has now shone a new light on those years. They stole two Scudetti from us in 1998 when they denied us the penalty for Mark Iuliano’s foul on me and in 2002 when it ended like that.”

Ronaldo drops a new bombshell – Luciano Moggi forced Inter to field Vratislav Gresko in their final 4-2 defeat to Lazio

“Teams that aren’t Milan or Inter or Juventus can’t fight for the title, and that annoyed me at Lazio.”

It doesn’t seem to have stopped Roma, Hernanes

“Football is a contact sport, not dance.”

Rudi Garcia doesn’t do the Lambada

“I’m an Inter fan. The only teams I have to talk well about are Sampdoria, who remained in my heart, Inter and Parma. I don’t give a damn about any of the other clubs I played for.”

Hometown club Bari will be pleased to hear how much Antonio Cassano appreciates them giving him his start in football

“Considering what happened afterwards, I ought to thank Fiorentina, seeing as since then we haven’t put a foot wrong.”

Antonio Conte makes the Viola’s victory taste a little bit sour

“I am a President first and a fan second, not vice versa. I won’t sell dreams, only solid reality. I don’t lie to people, so I have to tell the truth and that means working within the limitations of the club.”

Claudio Lotito would’ve made a film called Field of Plausible Objectives

“Jose Mourinho is great, because he must always have an adversary to motivate his team and he chooses who that is.”

Claudio Ranieri warns Jose is running out of colleagues to insult

“I feel like Mourinho.”

Walter Mazzarri sings his new version of ‘I Feel Pretty’

“Let’s say that once I became world champion, it was easier for the club to keep me.”

Marco Materazzi says a World Cup medal hides a multitude of sins

“Milan must use the ball well and with intelligence to avoid exposing themselves too much.”

Yeah, Carlo Ancelotti, that’s not going to happen...

“We have to become accustomed to working in conditions of humidity, which we don’t have here in Italy, so we’re considering setting up something artificial.”

Azzurri assistant manager Renzo Casellato will have players jogging their way round a greenhouse

“It makes me smile, because 10 days ago Seedorf was the saviour of his club but now there are rumours about Spalletti. But, Italian football can get weary.”

Cesare Prandelli notes 10 days is a long time in Italian football

“I think England have improved a lot.”

How bad did Prandelli think they were before?!

“Would I go back to Italy? I don’t think so. I don’t miss anything about Italy or Italians and I’m not thinking about leaving Porto.” 

Most of us had forgotten Ricardo Quaresma was ever in Italy

“What we all agree on is that it’s wrong to use the name of a Champion beloved by all. Therefore we accept the invitation of the lady and from now on the name Scirea will no longer identify our section of the Stadium. However, she should do the same and go back to using her maiden name, Cavanna.”

Juventus ‘Drughi’ ultras actually believe Gaetano Scirea would’ve sided with them rather than his wife, especially after repeatedly insulting her. Because they have no connection to reality.

“Along with boycotting official products, we aim to cause economic damage to the club and the President, which is also a good form of protest.”

And Lazio ultras wonder why they can’t afford to buy better players

“Their first thought is to put idiotic photos on social networks or to book a table for a lovely night at the disco.”

Who on earth could angry Milan fans be referring to? #Balotelli

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Have your say...
“Their first thought is to put idiotic photos on social networks or to book a table for a lovely night at the disco.”

I'm not sure that's exactly how discoes work..
on the 20th March, 2014 at 5:00pm
Why doesn't Football-Italia report on the Italian publication that asks that in the 7 seasons that they can prove was tampering BY RUBENTUS that those championships go null and void like they did to the Tour de France to Armstrong?

F-I had no problem reporting the fake story - spread by a RuBentino maybe that's why you ran it - that Mourinho binned the Scudetto of the previous year in a half time rant.

Feel free to report actual fact now! Or don't you have any integrity at all?
on the 20th March, 2014 at 2:57pm
I noticed that there is only a lame joke insulting Inter, of course, referring to Calciopoli on this site and not any discussion ANYWHERE - opinion, news article, reaction, NOTHING - on the facts a judge outlined - piece by piece - in his ruling.

When Inter were winning the Treble this site would only "report" crisis or criticism, criticism I might add on a team that won so much, that inevitably turned out to be wrong, when it deemed to "report" on the historic team at all. Find some honor.
on the 20th March, 2014 at 2:47pm
Teams that aren’t Milan or Inter or Juventus can’t fight for the title, and that annoyed me at Lazio.”

It doesn’t seem to have stopped Roma, Hernanes

true however are they really challenging or just playing for 2nd/3rd? I think he ment to say cant WIN it which is 100% true they cant nor can Napoli as much as it would be interesting for those clubs to do it and I would love to see a change, but Juve are now to strong with the stadium and that, they should dominate for few more years at least.
on the 20th March, 2014 at 10:54am
This is quite funny. Cassano loves controversy.
on the 20th March, 2014 at 9:29am
The Judges statement on the facts of Calciopoli strangely omitted.....
on the 20th March, 2014 at 7:44am

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